“Thoughtful and necessary.”

I am amazed at how much P.S. I Love You Letters has thought of everything. From the beauty of the stationery to the preservation of the letter itself, it's a service of personal importance and a loving, necessary gift beyond words.

—Yvette Duvernay, Orange County, CA

“The letters kits are awesome!”

At a time when we are all moving so fast and forget to say “thank you” and “I love you”, this product pulls us away from life’s hectic ways to stop for a moment, cherish memories and write to the people that matter most in our lives.

— Stephanie Lyndon, San Diego, CA

"What a wonderful service!"

Not only are the kits beautiful, but to know that you will be safely storing my letters to my children for years to come makes my purchase invaluable. Thank you for offering such a great service to help my children remember me.

—Linda Pipes, Coronado, CA

"For my wife and kids."

Years ago, I lost my only sister to sudden cancer when she was only 26. How I wish she would have written me a P.S. I Love You Letter. I would have cherished it for a lifetime. I am buying my kit so that I am sure that my wife and kids know how much I love them in case something happens to me.

—Mark Kalla, El Cajon CA